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February 16, 2011
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It was an old story. The story that happened over a hundred years ago, but she remembered everything, as if it was only yesterday. She could recall with killing precision every tiny moment of it. Every word and every act of heroism and sacrifice. Every sign of admiration and affection. Every little needle of pain, which has stayed in her heart.

She remembered every time they were almost, almost something. Something more, something else. She remembered every time they were just nothing, but still something.

She remembered that one night, when she came to him. The cave was dark and damp, like usually. She knew he will be there after his patrol. He always was. He always heard her coming. He never turned around to look at her. That time neither. Still, he let her step closer.


She breathed deeply, realising fully why she'd come to him. This realisation squeezed every fibre of her already shattered soul. Shattered by life, by disappointment, by tiredness and finally by awareness of her fate. Their fate. Or rather lack of it.


"Why are you here?" He tried to keep his voice emotionless, but she knew. She always knew.

Her own tone was nothing like his. Every word of hers was dropping with sorrows.

"I'd come to say good bye," she finally answered. "I'm leaving, Bruce. For good."

She was sure he knew that was close. He knew her so well, he had to be aware that she can't stay. Not this way. And she on the other hand, knew there was no other. He said nothing, didn't even move, but she noticed his fingers curled into shaking fists.

"You shouldn't have come," his voiced shuddered. No matter how hard he wanted to hide it. She heard.

She moved closer, so she was right behind his back. He could probably feel her breath.

"You know I had to," she whispered, "You know it."

He suddenly turned to her, so she could finally see his unmasked face. His beloved features.

"Why are you here?" He asked again, this time not even trying to fight the emotions. Grief and regret sounded clearly through his voice. His eyes was bored into hers, and she was desperately remembering their colour, their shape, every little wrinkle around his eyelids.

"Don't let me go without it," she begged quietly. Her hand found the line of his jaw. He didn't push it away. "Please, don't let me go without knowing how it feels. How it could be."

She didn't have to say more, he knew. He always knew. She moved her other hand up along his arm and shoulder, then reached the nape of his neck, feeling how wonderful it was to tangle her fingers into his hair.

"I can't," he said, but didn't step back, just continued to stare in her incredibly sad blue eyes. His mind was screaming for her not to leave him, stay with him, love him, but something else kept it quiet for her. She couldn't hear his screams. He couldn't scream out loud. And it was their greatest tragedy - there was no way for them to be.

"I know," she whispered. "But just this one night don't deny it, Bruce. Just this night act, as if there was no tomorrow," she moved her body closer, "This last time don't deny you love me. And then I'll go."

She started to lean up; slowly, so he could withdraw if he wanted. He didn't.

Their lips met and moved together. His arms rose and he gently pulled her closer, sinking into her. He felt her tears on his cheeks and salt in his mouth. All sorrow, longing and passion, all mixed emotions accumulated in this one kiss and they both realised that there will be no tomorrow. Not for them. Not in a lifetime.

In this one kiss was everything they never were. Everything, they knew, they never will be; could be. Everything they've ever wanted to be.

Darkness surrounded them. Whispers and gasps floated around. Kisses burned. Every inch of their bodies were touched.

One more teardrop fell on a pillow.

One more sob escaped into the night.

Two souls were merged into one and as the morning came that one soul was lost forever for both of them.

She dropped one more kiss on his parted lips and slipped from his arms. She quietly put on her clothes and then let herself touch him for the last time.

"I love you," she whispered, before heading for the door. When she was about to disappear behind them, she heard his quiet voice.

"I love you too, Princess."

She turned her head only a little to look at him once again; sadness emanating through whole her figure. Then she left.
She'd never seen him again.

"It's not a happy story," a little girl, who was sitting in Diana's lap, said with an accusation in her voice. She was one of the young wards of the Amazons. A lot of things had changed over the last century and though there could still be no man on Themyscira's land, the island itself had become almost integral part of Man's World. This little girl, named Sophia, was an orphan from France. The Amazonian sisters adopted and welcomed her in their home, among the other girls from different countries.

Diana smiled sadly at her. "I've warned you it won't be. It's the story about great love. You were the one, who wanted to listen anyway."

"I know," Sophia whimpered in frustration. "But it's so unfair! Why couldn't the Princess stay with her Knight? You said their souls became one," she accused her and pursed her little lips. For her it was simple. The Princess and the Knight should've been together for the rest of eternity.

Diana stroked her blond hair. "The fate was against them," she explained gently. Maybe if they were someone else. Maybe if they met in different times. "The Knight couldn't stay with the Princess, so she left that world, not wanting to be a part of it without him in her life."

Little girl look at her with concerned eyes.

"What happened with them?"

"The Knight fulfilled his mission and went away to find peace he deserved," she spoke; the sea of sorrow on her beautiful, untouched by time face.

"And with the Princess?"

Diana looked away from the girl. Her gaze found an ocean and she could see his eyes again. Deep and mysterious, yet as pure as the water, stretching away in the distance. She remembered. She could find him everywhere. When the breeze floated around her, she almost felt his touch, almost sensed his scent. Almost heard his words.

"I love you too, Princess. I love you, I love you..." sounded all around.

"Did she forget her lover?" Sophia urged, demanding an answer for the earlier question.

Diana moved her gaze back at the little blonde. Her eyes aged and tired from all pain and misery she carried inside through all those long years. So different than her perfect face, now illuminated by the sunset.

"Never," she answered. "The Princess has never stopped loving her Knight."

Far away on the horizon, sun touched the ocean.
Yep, another BMWW story from my series. I submit on dA only the ones, which I have some strong feeling about. When I wrote this I was really sad, like I had tears in my eyes, and I needed to get this sadness somewhere, I don't know, out of my head. So it is sad I guess, but also not really dramatic, without death all around. Just sad.

Anyway, hope someone will like it.

And like always, sorry, but English isn't my first language, however I'm trying and checking my strories very carefully.

Diana and Bruce belong to DC
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beautiful story man, it actually got to me. Very well done, so beautifully written. I love it.
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wow  it is so beautiful and sad I started dropping a tear because it was so nice love it

want pat 2 ples and happy end ples
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 i think I just cried
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Damn you. Damn life. Damn complications. Damn people. Damn Superman, damn Talia, damn New 52. Damn DC. *Bawls*
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Magnificent! :love:
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thank you!
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it make me cry its the first time I'm crying for a fan fiction 
one of the best stories i ever read very nice job
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Oh my God I love this Clap :happybounce: 
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